Daily Links: March 3rd

image: Boohoo

image: Boohoo

1. The fashion industry in 2020: Amid uncertainty, brands, retailers, and other fashion-industry players must act strategically to capitalize on digital opportunities, boost earnings, and address sustainability. – Read More on McKinsey

2. For the fashion industry, the fallout from the coronavirus may be just beginning: China, where the virus originated, is a major manufacturing hub for many industries, including fashion. It currently manufactures more than a third of all clothing and textiles globally, although its market share in apparel manufacturing has declined slightly over the past few years. – Read More on Fast Co. 

3. An Insider’s Guide to the Fast Fashion Industry: “I think people who buy from Boohoo think the clothes are cheap because it’s cheap material. But it’s cheap labor. People are overworked and underpaid.” Read More in Vice

4. Fashion Nova Reportedly Spent $40 Million on Influencer Marketing in 2019: To put that in perspective, note that the No. 2 brand—Flat Tummy Co.—is said to have spent nearly $14 million. The top five is rounded out by Ciroc, Walmart, and PrettyLittleThing. – Read More on Complex

5. RETRO READ: How Fashion Nova Won the Internet and Is Transforming the Way Millennials Dress. “To paying customers, especially hard to fit ones, Fashion Nova symbolizes a revolution in terms of access to trendy, affordable clothes.” – Read More on TFL 

6. Unions press FTC to investigate Amazon’s market power: In a petition to the agency, they urged the FTC to examine alleged anti-competitive behavior on Amazon’s part, including directly and indirectly controlling product prices, tying its search rankings to the company’s own profit, price discrimination against users of competing e-commerce platforms, using data from its platforms to give it an advantage, and depressing wages in local labor markets. – Read More on Retail Dive