Daily Links: July 17th

image: Zara

image: Zara

1. North Korea “has sourced luxury goods from 90 countries.” Despite UN sanctions on exports of luxury items to North Korea, which were implemented in 2006 as a way of putting pressure on the country’s elite, the Center for Advanced Defense Studies, a Washington research group, said North Korea had procured luxury goods from as many as 90 countries between 2015 and 2017. – Read More on the FT 

2. E-sports and Gamers: Fashion’s Lost Multimillion-Dollar Opportunity? The clothing worn by players and teams involved in online gaming is a nine-digit business opportunity in the making, but up until now, the mainstream apparel industry has largely ignored the potential of e-sportswear. – Read More on WWD 

3. Zara Announces Sustainability Initiatives — But What About Its Factory Workers? One particular factory in Tunisia  produces 1,200 pieces per day, 150 pieces per hour. Each worker is timed (there is a woman with a stopwatch to make sure things are running smoothly), and it’s called “working to the minute.” – Read More on R29

4. RETRO READ: Fashion’s Push for #MeToo is Ignoring a Significant Number of Women. At a time when women-centric activism is at a high, the feminist movement continues to gain steam, particularly in the U.S., and hordes of women are speaking out in an attempt to help rid workplaces of the rampant culture of sexual harassment and other abuses, the fact that the fashion media continues to overlook the women in the supply chain – particularly in connection with fast fashion – is problematic. – Read More on TFL